Skills Clinic

Free Clinic prior to the Kids of Steel Triathlon Race

Date: Sunda May 27th, 2018

Time: Age Group 1 (Waves 1 to 5) - 9:30-10;30
Age Group 2 (Waves 6 to 10) - 10:30-11:30

Location:  Lindsay Recreation Complex, Adelaide Street South, Lindsay

Who may participate in the clinic?  Children of all ages who are new to triathlon this year.

Instructions: Meet inside the lobby of the Complex at 4:30 for further directions.  All aspects of the triathlon will be covered:  swim, bike, run, transitions. Come prepared to swim and learn about the transitions from the swim to the bike to the run.


  • swimsuit
  • goggles
  • towel
  • running shoes
  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • bicycle helmet

Note #1:   No bicycles are required for this clinic. Children will be in the pool area and swimming for approximately 45 minutes.   Children will be in the arena after the swim to receive instruction for the transitions from the bike to the run. 

Note #2:  Children who are doing the triathlon as a relay are recommended to participate in all areas of instruction.  For example, if a child is doing the run or bike portion but is able to swim, then they can participate in the swim instruction.  It is a great opportunity for some exercise!  Swimmers should then participate in the bike and run transitions instruction.   

Please register for the clinic by e-mail to Mrs. Janice Jones-Skinner at: rskinner4@cogeco.ca